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Microsoft Office is complete suite of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote, OneDrive, and many others. Everything required for home, school, and office download MS Office from When you give a click on this site, you will get to know about the installation process. The file will be downloaded into your PC and then click on it to begin install without putting any effort.

Benefits of Getting Microsoft Office

Basically, MS Office software gives business users enhanced the data to further access, and therefore they can get better insight and take actions that are more valuable. And it provides proficiency to organizations so that they can expect, handle, and react on any changes in the market. Furthermore, it is allowing teams and organizations to work in together with swiftness and quickness. In the end, the most important, it improves individual efficiency and enables more business owners to contribute every time when more challenging environment around them.

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Microsoft Office Access is the Office database management program generally use for export, import, and work with XML data files.

Microsoft Office Excel is the Office spreadsheet program which makes the calculations and information much easier to analyze and share

Microsoft Office FrontPage is the Office Web site creation and management program offers powerful features to help you design attractive Web sites.

Microsoft Office InfoPath is the Office information gathering and managing program, which restructure the process of gathering information.

Microsoft Office OneNote is the Office note and management program, which enables its users to organize, collect and reuse notes on a laptop or desktop computer.

Microsoft Office Outlook is the Office communication program, where you can manage calendars, e-mail, contacts and other personal information in an easier form.

Microsoft Office PowerPoint is the Office presentation graphics program where you can produce an impact in person or online.

Microsoft Office Project enables organizations to line up business initiatives, resources and projects for growing business out of the globe.

Microsoft Office Publisher is the Office business publishing plus marketing materials program, which makes effort-free to produce, design, and publish expert marketing and communication materials.

Microsoft Office Visio is the Office business program, helps you to transform ideas and conventional business data into diagrams.

And finally Microsoft Office Word is the Office word processor where one can write professional letters, blogs and other documentation related work.

Install MS Office on Mac or PC by Clicking on

Before starting Microsoft Office setup/installation on your Mac or PC, you must have a valid product key/code with your own. In case you are unable to find the product key, then don’t panic! Just look backside of product subscription box as it is printed over there in alpha-numeric numbers. Now, after having the product key or code, let’s start with installation process. Have a glimpse on the noted points:

Download And Install Windows Office Setup

  1. Firstly, you require to visit, Sign in or dial 1 (800) 642-7676 for instant installation support
  2. Now, enter your Office setup product key and then start installing Microsoft Office on your PC or Mac
  3. If you are already logged in, your product will be activated, otherwise you have to login first
  4. Downloading time consuming will depend on the speed of your internet connection
  5. Once the download is complete, the file will automatically save in download folder
  6. Now, go to that folder, double click on the downloaded Office setup file to open it and then follow the on-screen instructions to hassle-free install it on your device
  7. Now, click “Yes” button and wait for a couple of minutes
  8. After that, the installation process gets done successfully
  9. Now, click on “Close” button and restart your computer
  10. But if you don’t have an account, then create new account by click on “Create an Account” button
  11. Now, fill up all the important details to sign up
  12. Now, choose an appropriate subscription from the given list of all Office subscriptions
  13. Click on the “Download” button
windows Office setup
setup login

Download and Install Mac Office Setup

  1. On the Dock of your Mac, go to the blue colored face shaped application named “Finder”
  2. Find the downloaded file of Office setup and then give a double click on it
  3. Click on “Continue” button two times simultaneously
  4. Now, hit “Agree” to accept all the terms and conditions
  5. Click again on “Continue” button
  6. Click on “Install” and then enter the password for your Mac
  7. Wait for few minutes to complete the installation process
  8. Once the installation is done, click “Close” button

To Activate Office Application, You Need To Enter Product Key As Directed Below:

  1. On the very first, open the recommended Google Chrome browser on your PC
  2. Now, type in your address bar and press “Enter”
  3. A page will open with two options that is Login / Signup
  4. If you already have a Microsoft account, then simply login into your account with entering the right credentials
  5. Now, click on “Next” button, and by doing this install option will appear on your screen
  6. Click “Install”
  7. When you have a key card in your hand, turn on your computer
  8. The size of these files are approx. 1-2GB
  9. You can create your account with your existing email address as well
  10. Once the file downloads, there will be two options open and save
  11. Click on “Open”
  12. In your account section you will see an area where you have to enter your product key
  13. Type those 25-digits product key in five boxes; each field can hold 5 digits
  14. Click on “Next” button
  15. And tap on every permission it might be asked for
  16. Now, at the end click on “Activate Now” option
Activate Office Application login Microsoft office Account Without Any Hassle

In case you are unable to find the login page of Office account, then simply click on the link login and follow the desired instructions. It is 100% surety that when you try out this fantastic tool, your business will be at the next level. Therefore, give it a go and see for yourself.

Need Assistance for Office Installation Problem

If you are troubling with Microsoft Office setup, installations, and activation, then give us a chance to deal with your problematic hurdle. To make connection with us, you only need to put a call on the provided helpline number. One of our well-educated and talented tech-geeks will lend a hand and proffer one-stop remedy in no time at doorstep. Therefore, stop being worry anymore! Just be in touch with us via toll-free number and get your nasty problem eradicated from the root. Our main motto is to make the helpless users be happy by giving 100% satisfaction solution to them.